CA1 / Subiculum (SUB)

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Subiculum (SUB)

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CA1 / Subiculum (SUB)

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At the border between CA1 and Sub, the condensed cell layer of rather homogeneously looking cell bodies of CA1 changes into a less dense, multilayered structure as seen in sections stained for neuronal markers such as NeuN. There is an abrupt change in the staining for calbindin in that the positive cells and rather intense stained neuropil of stratum pyramidale of CA1, and also the staining in stratum lacunosum-moleculare, is replaced by the almost complete negative corresponding layer in Sub. This change coincides with a change in the appearance of the superficial fiber layer. In CA1, one can rather easily differentiate between stratum radiatum, characterized by the aligned orientation of apical dendrites and the more superficial stratum lacunosum-moleculare. This laminar separation is absent in Sub. In sections stained for parvalbumin, the pyramidal layer of CA1 is darkly stained, whereas the pyramidal cell layer of the subiculum is more diffusely, but still rather densely stained, thus indicating a marked border between the two fields.

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