Presubiculum (PrS) / Subiculum (SUB)

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Presubiculum (PrS)
Subiculum (SUB)

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Presubiculum (PrS) / Subiculum (SUB)

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This border is fairly easy to establish, since in sections stained for a neuronal marker such as NeuN, there appears to be a sudden addition of a new cell layer on top of the continuation of the subiculum, leaving a cell sparse layer or lamina dissecans in between. In order to reliably position the border in the deep layers one has to combine information on cell density and cell size with the differential staining for parvalbumin. In SUB, most cells are approximately of the same size, with no apparent layered features being apparent. In PrS, the deep layers tend to show an indication of a differentiation between layers V and VI. Moreover, the intense positive staining for parvalbumin of the neuropil in the pyramidal cell layer of SUB is replaces by a much less conspicuous staining in layers V and VI of PrS.

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